[00002 | 2016​-​08​-​06] Trump, Illiberal Democrats, and Absolute War

by Eva Gnostiquette

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In the second episode of Frequency Resonance Radio, Eva Gnostiquette tackles several pressing issues of recent, including immigration, Donald Trump (again), police brutality, the attempted coup in Turkey, covert wars, terrorism, and the many, many controversies surrounding the Democratic National Convention. She also figures out how to sound more feminine and gets really upset.
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Eva Gnostiquette and Noiyeh Faith of the Schrödinger's Cat Group discuss stuff from esotericism to politics to health to science.
The overall perspective is influenced primarily by the Law of One (lawofone.info) and Anthroposophy, with further influence from the Quantum Future Group, David Wilcock, and Tom Montalk.
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